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  • Wow! Ten million users!

    Posted by Jamie on June 8, 2022

    December 2021, the month of Overleaf’s nine-year anniversary, was when we reached the nine million user milestone. So imagine our excitement when we reached the 10 million user milestone only five months later! We truly feel like lucky ducks!

    We want to thank you, our user community, for this, as we could not have done this without your support, spreading the word to your colleagues and providing us with feedback. The Overleaf community is amazing!

    Since Overleaf started we’ve had:

    87 Million
    Projects Set up in Overleaf
    11 Million
    Collaborations on Overleaf
    Templates and Examples
    Countries Represented
    Hundreds of disciplines represented,
    • Computer Science
    • Engineering & Technology
    • Mathematics
    • Physics
    • Economics
    • Linguistics
    More than
    companies use Overleaf
    More than
    universities with students,
    faculty and staff using Overleaf
    More than
    symbols have been inserted
    with the new symbol palette
    These amazing statistics show how bright a future there is for collaboration. And we see that our community has expanded beyond the initial STEM community we expected; we have economists, linguists, logicians and more using Overleaf!

    The diversity of communities and people behind this data continue to motivate us to explore new ways that we can make the collaborative authoring experience even easier for new and experienced users, from enhancing our editor to providing previews of equations and figures prior to compiling. We are also working to make sure that Overleaf is more accessible, so that people with disabilities can work with less difficulty.

    On a larger scale, we are examining the broader impacts of Overleaf on the world. Key scientific research is written up on Overleaf, and the benefits of this were highlighted during the early stages of the pandemic; the rapid production of this paper on the effectiveness of mask-wearing against COVID19 was made possible in part through the authors’ use of Overleaf:


    We love hearing your stories of triumph, and we appreciate you sharing any issues you may have with using Overleaf. Even as Overleaf continues to grow, we know we can only do so by staying true to our values and putting our users first.

    We hope that you will continue to help us shape that future, whether it’s via Twitter, contact form, or a user interview. If you want to check out some of the new things we are working on, be sure to activate the beta; our latest beta feature allows you to view the PDF of your project in a separate tab.

    We have a few small surprises in store for you in celebration of reaching 10 million users, so be sure to follow us on Twitter for announcements about a contest and giveaways.

    From the Overleaf team—thank you again for all of your continued support!


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