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  • Welcome To Our New Customer: NOIRLab

    Posted by Annie on March 9, 2022

    We’re excited to announce the following new customer: NOIRLab


    The National Optical-Infrared Astronomy Research Laboratory (NOIRLab) has subscribed to Overleaf to provide access to our Overleaf Group Collaborator subscription. This subscription will enable their researchers to collaborate smoothly while providing access to premium features like track changes, document history, and advanced reference search.

    Building on the 40-year history of its predecessor organizations, the US National Optical Astronomy Observatory (NOAO) and the International Gemini Observatory, NOIRLab is the nation's center for ground-based, nighttime optical and infrared astronomy. NOIRLab's mission is to enable breakthrough discoveries in astrophysics by developing and operating state-of-the-art observatories and providing data products and services for the diverse international astronomical community. Research carried out by the scientific staff at NOIRLab and other researchers using NOIRLab's facilities has vastly increased their understanding of the universe. NOIRLab continuously creates new opportunities for cosmic exploration, advancing the way astronomers collect and interact with data.

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    If you think your department or company would be interested in premium accounts, you can find out more at Overleaf for Enterprises or please get in touch and we can provide more information and pricing.

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