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  • Attending the launch of Dimensions from Digital Science

    Posted by John on January 17, 2018
    The Dimensions event at the Wellcome Trust

    Earlier this week I was delighted to be able to attend the launch of the new Dimensions product from our colleagues at Digital Science. Held at the Wellcome Trust building in central London, the evening was a mix of invited talks and panel discussions from speakers across the research workflow, along with a live demo of the new product from Daniel Hook and Christian Herzog who have led this project from its inception. The reaction in the room was very positive and engaged, which was all the more impressive given that this was an after work event on a Monday night!

    At its core, Dimensions is connecting together the data behind the different elements of research – including grants, publications, citations, clinical trials and patents – and allowing the user to query that data in a very flexible way to make it as broad or specific as they need. For researchers it provides immediate, free access to search and citation data for 86 million articles and books, giving you the opportunity to:

    • Monitor the latest developments in your field: create and maintain custom searches and filterings to more accurately identify the research fields in which you work
    • Read Open Access content with the click of a button: plus the option to add it to a personal library
    • Understand your impact, and that of your peers: citation data and altmetrics provide useful indicators for tracking and showcasing the academic and broader impacts of published work
    • Identify new opportunities and collaborators: trace your network to identify people working in areas you’re interested in, and see where specific research is receiving funding from

    Simply visit https://dimensions.ai to find out more about the different use cases for Dimensions, or access the free app directly at https://app.dimensions.ai/discover/publication to start exploring!

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