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  • New: Collaborator Autosuggestions

    Posted by Ryan on December 14, 2016

    New feature! Sharing protected projects is now even easier with collaborator autosuggestions.

    Pro/Pro+ users have access to enhanced security with protected projects. Protected projects can only be accessed by users selected by the project owner.

    To make a project protected, click "Share" and select “Make this a protected project."

    Click Share and select Make this a protected project

    To invite a collaborator, start entering their email address. Overleaf automatically suggests the email addresses of your collaborators on previous projects. Select your collaborator’s email address when it appears, and click Add Collaborator.

    Start typing and select your collaborator's email address when it appears.

    Your collaborator will now receive an invitation to work on your project.

    For more information about Overleaf’s Pro plans, or to sign up for a trial, visit our plans page.

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